Shaping the Future with Leaders Worldwide

Our 2020 Virtual and Flexible Conference Building Back Better: Decade of Transition is designed to provide an opportunity to hear and be inspired into action by leaders who are changing the world for the better. Every day they use their leadership as a choice, a way of living, a way of being to ensure that our future is better than today. The aim is to encourage us to build transformational maps for these interconnected themes we will be discussing.


Our event can be accessed anywhere you are. No travelling to a venue, no uncertainty around any local lockdown restrictions, you can feel safe in your own space and access the entire conference on the device of your choosing.


With so much uncertainty in the workplace right now, committing to a full day’s conference can seem daunting.  Or you may welcome the break!  Whichever your preference, your booking provides you with access to the conference for a whole 6 weeks, allowing you to ‘attend’ when you want to – or re-watch the parts that really spoke to you.

About us

The Leaders Institute is a global not for profit research-advisory body and network specialising in working alongside and developing both the performance and thinking of leaders. With twenty years of working with organisations worldwide and continual research and learning, we bridge academic knowledge with real work application and practice. 

Today we need leaders who think differently, can hold multiple perspectives and connect globally. The world cries out for leaders who have integrity, are constant learners and treat everyone fairly. Our planet needs leaders who respect all life and care about the actions they take and the consequences. This means ensuring the actions we take today are right for the future too. 

Aim of the event 

The world has been thrown into turmoil from a global pandemic. COVID 19 has caused huge health, economic, social and, political disruption and shown the cracks in society; the inequalities, inadequacies, and inconsistencies of the systems that were built to support people of all ages. It has also made many far more aware of the global impact of life as it was before COVID on the planet. We cannot return to how life was before because it wasn’t working for many or the long-term survival of the planet. 

We are now at a crossroads – a global Rubicon. To go forward we have to decide the future for ourselves. We have to use our leadership to shape a different future. It won’t be easy but that is the challenge and this event will only be a start which is why we are providing post event support. But a start we must make. 

Introducing the event will be Hilarie Owen, CEO of The Leaders Institute.  Hilarie will be joined by ex-BBC journalist, Guto Harri.

To start the event, Hilarie will be having a short discussion with Professor Keith Grint on the impact of today’s disruptive, fast-changing world on leaders and the leadership required.

Hilarie Owen is Founder and CEO of The Leaders’ Institute that works globally to enable leaders to improve their thinking and ability to develop multi-perspectives for a fast-changing disruptive world. Hilarie has produced ground-breaking research on how individuals actually learn leadership and how they think and make decisions. Hilarie has worked with global companies and governments around the world as well as other institutions such as the RAF Red Arrows, Harvard University and advising a Government Minister on issues including diversity and inclusion.  Hilarie has taught at Cranfield, Ashridge, Cardiff and Manchester Business Schools and has also worked with educational leaders in China, UAE, Mauritius and Malaysia. Her work with global companies has taken her across Europe, the USA, Middle East and South Africa working with boards and top teams. She has written nine books and her more recent are:

New Thinking on Leadership: A Global Perspective pub Kogan Page

weLEAD: How Women Become Leaders  Novaro Publishing


Keith Grint is Professor Emeritus at Warwick University where he was Professor of Public Leadership until 2018. He spent 10 years working in various positions across a number of industry sectors before switching to an academic career. Since becoming an academic he has held Chairs at Cranfield University and Lancaster University. He spent twelve years at Oxford University and was Director of Research at the Saïd Business School. His books include Fuzzy Management (1997); The Arts of Leadership (2000); Organizational Leadership (with John Bratton and Debra Nelson); Leadership: Limits and Possibilities (2005); Leadership, Management & Command: Rethinking D-Day (2008); and Leadership: A Very Short Introduction (2010). His latest book, Mutiny & Leadership, is due in 2021.

Guto Harri was born in Cardiff and educated at Welsh-medium schools, The Queen’s College, Oxford and the Centre for Journalism Studies at Cardiff before embarking on an 18 year career at the BBC.  He was posted to Rome and New York and became its Chief Political Correspondent.  He left to join Boris Johnson as his spokesman and Director of Communications at London’s City Hall moving on to similar roles at NewsUK and Liberty Global.  He now combines writing and broadcasting with strategic communications work for a range of companies.  He’s a director of the Hay festival and Hydro Industries and a volunteer crew member with the RNLI.  Guto is married with 3 children and lives in Hammersmith.